Saturday, July 10

BoB kitten gets wet!

Originally uploaded by muranosilver

Today BoB lost a little of his fascination with water......he fell in the bath while investigating hubbie washing his feet.
This is when he spied the hairdryer ~ it was not a good morning for BoB, lol. (Happy kitty now though, all dry and fluffy with some of his favourite treats)
Nic xx


Joy Funnell said...

He is just so adorable! Shame they have to grow up really. Shhh don't tell my two (ten year olds)I said that though :-)

Joy x

Nicola said...

I'll keep quiet & not tell your furbabies a thing!
Nic xxx

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

awwww bless lol! Take lots of photos of him, they grow up so fast!

Nicola said...

He's getting quite a lot of pictures but you're so right he's already so much bigger than a few weeks ago!

Mike Hamilton said...

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Carol B said...

That is so adorable. They do grow up too fast.

Catherine Witherell said...

That kitty is SOOO CUTE!

and your bangles are fantastic

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